University of Wisconsin-Madison Capstone Certificate in User Experience Design

For Employers

Supporting Your Employees and the Mad UX Certificate Program

High Return on Investment 

Your investment immediately begins paying back as your employee will begin working on projects relevant to your organization from the first class to the last class.

No Interruption to Employee’s Availability 

The online format enables your employee to pursue a world-class education and accumulate graduate credit without interruption to his/her work schedule and availability to travel. The online UX certficate program allows students to pursue UX studies from anywhere.

Limited Time Commitment

Other UX programs require a multi-year commitment and up to 30 credits. The Mad UX certificate can be completed in one calendar year, getting your staff member the skills they need quickly and efficiently without a multi-year commitment.

Proven Program from a Top-Ranked University

The UW–Madison certificate your staff will earn via distance learning has the same high-quality standards and academic status as a degree earned on-campus. The only difference is that the program is conveniently delivered online for working professionals. Program partners have 10 years experience providing world class online education to working professionals.